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Medical Marijuana Bill moves forward in North Carolina Senate

Senate Bill 3, the NC Compassionate Care Act

North Carolina may legalize medical marijuana this year, as the NC Compassionate Care Act, or Senate Bill 3, has just passed its second reading by the North Carolina Senate.

The North Carolina Compassionate Care Act, which was struck down last year, is showing promise during its new 2023 round. As of February 28, 2023, Senate Bill 3 passed two readings by North Carolina's Senate committee and it will undergo a third reading next week. Governor Roy Cooper is likely to sign the bill if it reaches his desk, based on an interview he had with WXII 12 News in December 2022.


What is Senate Bill 3?

If passed, NC Compassionate Care Act would make it law that North Carolina individuals can apply for a medical marijuana card and purchase medical marijuana products from licensed suppliers.

If passed, the bill would grant access to medical marijuana for individuals dealing with cancer and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Patients would have to apply for a card and, once approved, would be able to purchase from licensed suppliers. The state plans to grant 10 licenses, and each holder could have up to 8 dispensaries. North Carolina is one of the few states in the country that have yet to pass a medical marijuana bill.


Will it Pass the House?

If Senate Bill passes its third reading, it will go to the House to be voted on. Last year, this is where the bill, unfortunately, did not make it through. However, those following the bill's progress remain optimistic this time around. The bill would establish a Compassionate Use Advisory Board, to review whether conditions will be added to the bill. If it passes the House, it will head to Gov. Roy Cooper to sign into law.


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