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Formulated with nature's finest ingredients, Carolina Cannabis Creations CBD Topicals are handcrafted with powerful ingredients to target your body's issues.

How to use CBD topicals

Frequently Asked Questions
about CBD Topicals

Is there THC in Carolina Cannabis Creations CBD Topicals?

Carolina Cannabis Creations only uses CBD isolate or THC Free Broad Spectrum CBD in our CBD Topicals, so they are all THC Free.

Is there a difference in the CBD Topical stick and the jar?

The CBD Topical stick (see CannaRelief) is slightly firmer and typically preferred by those who want a convenient application or prefer not to have certain ingredients on their hands (like menthol). CBD Topicals in jars (see Healing Hand Cream) may be slightly softer and can always be scooped out with an applicator as well. It really comes down to personal preference and how the topical will typically be applied.

How long until I see effects from CBD Topicals?

We recommend using your Carolina Cannabis Creations CBD topical every day, starting with a dime-sized amount and smooth that into the entire affected area. CBD Topicals tend to take effect between 5-30 minutes and last anywhere from 2-6 hours, depending on the issue. Every individual is different, and you may need to increase the amount you use or change the frequency at which you're using it.

What is the difference between the CBD Muscle BALM AND THE cANNArELIEF?

Carolina Cannabis Creations CBD Muscle Balm is our original formula and is infused with 1000MG of CBD isolate, as well as menthol and rosemary. This is a great option for those seeking relief from minor issues or those who want to try it out if you're contemplating the CannaRelief.

CannaRelief is our "extra strength" version of our best-selling CBD Muscle Balm. We've improved our proprietary formula by infusing 2000MG of THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD, Arnica oil, and conveniently applied using a tube.

We are transitioning packaging from our tins to twist up tubes for easy, mess-free application. While we no longer have our 1000mg Muscle Balm tins, we now have our 1000mg CannaRelief Pain Relieving Balm available!