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*This product comes in a case of 20.


Introduce your clientele to the zesty experience of our Lemon Pound Cake Delta 8 Vape Cartridge. This Sativa option presents a unique blend of lemonade and birthday cake flavors, underpinned by cannabis-derived terpenes for a unique experience that keeps customers coming back. Each cartridge contains 1 gram of high-quality Delta 8 and fits standard 510-thread vape batteries (battery not included). Crafted without harmful fillers, this is a transparent and trusted choice for discerning consumers.


  • Flavor Profile: Zesty lemonade meets creamy birthday cake for a unique vaping experience.
  • High-Quality Ingredients: No harmful fillers, and we only use the best cannabis-derived terpenes.
  • Compatibility: Standard 510 thread for versatile use with existing vape devices.
  • Battery Not Included: Allows for device customization and promotes upsell opportunities with compatible batteries.

Delta-8 Cartridge Lemon Pound Cake Wholesale | 20 case

PriceFrom $14.00
  • We currently do not ship to the following states due to Delta-8 not being explicitly legal or being illegal:

    • - Alaska
    • - Colorado
    • - Delaware
    • - Idaho
    • - Iowa
    • - Minnesota
    • - Montana
    • - New York
    • - North Dakota
    • - Rhode Island
    • - South Carolina
    • - Vermont

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