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Boost your daily endeavors with the zesty flair of our Orange Uplift Chewables. Each chewable is a powerhouse, infused with 25mg of HHC and 50mg of Caffeine, meticulously formulated for your daytime regimen. Each bag has a total of 500mg HHC and 1000mg Caffeine. Naturally colored with turmeric, these chewables encapsulate the essence of freshly-squeezed oranges, adding a zesty kick to your wellness regimen. The bright, citrusy flavor impeccably harmonizes with the uplifting effects of HHC and Caffeine, creating a balanced experience.

THC symbol on chews

Child-resistant pouches

20 count

25mg HHC and 50mg Caffeine per chew

Weather Disclaimer: Please note that during warmer months, our chewables may melt during shipping. We do not accept returns or issue refunds for weather-related melting.

Uplift Chewables (HHC/Caffeine) - Orange

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  • Caffeine, Citric acid, Gelatin, Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), Light corn syrup, Natural flavors, Potassium sorbate, Sorbitol, Sugar, Turmeric powder, Water

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