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Carolina Cannabis Creations Carolina Beach, NC 28428

Meet The Carolina Cannabis Creations Team

Our Founder and CEO, Christian Wood, is a visionary leader in the cannabis industry. Experienced in the pharmaceutical and cannabis industries, he has a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing companies in this rapidly evolving field.  Under his leadership, our company has become a trusted and respected provider of premium cannabis products, known for our commitment to quality, safety, and innovation. Christian's passion for the cannabis industry and his dedication to excellence have helped us to establish a strong reputation in the market and position our company for long-term success.  As a leader in the cannabis industry, Christian is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and developments. He works closely with our team of experts to ensure that we're always at the forefront of the industry, providing our customers with the highest quality and most innovative products available.

Christian Wood

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Kayla Vigilante, our President, is a dynamic leader with a wealth of experience in the cannabis industry. With a background in business management and operations, she brings a unique perspective to our company and has been instrumental in driving our growth and success.  Kayla's leadership and expertise have been critical in helping our company navigate the complex regulatory landscape of the cannabis industry. She's committed to ensuring that our products meet or exceed all regulatory requirements and guidelines, while also providing our customers with the highest level of quality and service.  Under Kayla's leadership, our company has established a strong reputation for innovation and excellence in the cannabis industry. She's passionate about developing new products and services that meet the evolving needs of our customers and staying ahead of the curve in this rapidly changing industry.  Kayla is a hands-on leader who works closely with our team to ensure that we're providing our

Kayla Vigilante


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