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Carolina Cannabis Creations
About Us

Using Natures' Finest Ingredients

Carolina Beach, NC Carolina Cannabis Creations Headquarters

Our Story

A little about Carolina Cannabis Creations' history.

At Carolina Cannabis Creations, we specialize in formulating and manufacturing premier cannabis products. Founded in 2020 by Christian Wood, Carolina Cannabis Creations started after he discovered how beneficial cannabinoid products can be for himself and others. His passion for formulating products and expert manufacturing skills brought to life Carolina Cannabis Creations. Our company focuses on bringing a top quality and compliant products to market. We officially transitioned and formed as an L.L.C. in 2022. Our headquarters are now based in Carolina Beach, NC. 

FDA Registered

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer of Cannabis Products

As of June 2022, Carolina Cannabis Creations became licensed with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a pharmaceutical manufacturer. This licensure gives us the opportunity to register Carolina Cannabis Creations products with the FDA and market them for their registered uses. We are one of the few registered manufacturers that can work with and produce cannabis products, as well as acknowledge the product's active ingredients for their purposes.

Natural Cosmetics in Petri Dish

Meet The Team

Christian Wood Owner Carolina Cannabis Creations 1.jpg

Christian Wood

  • Christian Wood LinkedIn

Founder and CEO

Kayla Vigilante Carolina Cannabis Creations 1.jpg

Kayla Vigilante

  • Kayla Vigilante LinkedIn

Co-owner and President

CannaRelief Pain Relieving Balm FDA Registered Carolina Cannabis Creations


Office: 910-636-3135

Sales: 910-777-1016

Investors: 910-540-8022



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